Monday, March 28, 2016

External paging

External paging 1. Use the Button Inquiry feature (≤•‚) to verify  the feature of a programmable memory button. 2. Check the wiring between the 50-pin connector and the paging amplifier or between the connections shown in the external paging wiring chart. External paging  wiring Feature Page out (Tip) Page out (Ring) Pin 40 (Black-Slate) 15  (Slate-Black) Page (Make) Page (Common) 41  (Yellow-Blue) 16  (Blue-Yellow) 3. Test external paging  ≤fl¤  to ensure that it is working. The nominal output signal from the Norstar ICS is 100 mV across 600  Ω. Music on Hold/Background Music trouble Although Music on Hold and Background Music are separate features, they share the same  wiring and customer-supplied music source. 1. Ensure that the proper feature access code (≤°fl) is turned on. Adjust the volume  using the volume control bar. 2. Use the Button Inquiry feature (≤•‚) to verify  the feature on a programmable memory button. 3. If there is trouble with Music on Hold or Background Music, check  Featr settings  in  System prgming.

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