Thursday, March 17, 2016

Country Code:

To change the Country Code: set the MFIM switch 3 and 4 to the On position, follow the procedure below to modify the Country code initialize the MFIM as outlined in the Initialization section. After initialization, reset  switches as needed, switch 4 initializes database on reset and switch  3 enables automatic registrations.  Generally, switch 4 is  set to Off and switch 3 is  left On until after initial installation of all Modules and terminals. A twenty-three (23) character SITE NAME and the local Area Code are also defined in this program. The SITE NAME is primarily useful for  the installer/programmer as a reference to  the customer. In addition,  under this program the  system can  be  programmed to select one of eight (8) Flexible Number Plans, refer to  Appendix B.  Individual  items

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