Saturday, March 19, 2016

Ringing signals

Differential Ring Signals When multiple phones in a small area ring, it can be difficult to  tell  which are  ringing.  The iPECS  Phone has 14  Ring Tones  available for differentiating  ring from one phone to another.  Four of the tones are stored in the  phone’s  permanent memory; the remaining ten tones  are  in the system’s memory.  Four of  these ten can be downloaded into the phone’s memory for use as the 5th  to 8th Ring Tone. OPERATION To download a Ring Tone from System memory:   Lift Handset   Press  TRANS/PGM,   Dial 1 for Ring Tones,   Dial 5 for Ring Tone download,   Dial the memory location  to receive the tone (5-8),   Dial tone number 0-9, tone  is heard,   Press  HOLD/SAVE  to download. To select a Ring Tone  from phone memory:   Press  TRANS/PGM,   Dial 1 for Ring Tones,   Dial 1 or 2 for Internal or External ring,   Dial tone number 1-8,   Press  HOLD/SAVE  to make  the selection. 2.4  Answering  Calls at Night In the Night  mode,  Loud Bell  Control  may be used  to send ring  signals to external bells.  You  may  then answer these calls with  Universal Night Answer (UNA). OPERATION To answer  a call during Night mode ringing over an external bell:   Lift the handset,  Dial the UNA code 567(iPECS-Lik)/587(iPECS-MG).

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