Thursday, January 28, 2016

Separate ring assignments

Each station in the system can be programmed to provide an audible signal when the system detects an incoming call on specified CO/IP lines.  Separate ring assignments are made for Day, Night and Timed Ring operation mode.  In addition, the audible signal at  the station can be delayed by 1 to 9 ring cycles allowing other stations to answer the call first. Operation System Operation of this feature  is automatic. Conditions 1.  Separate assignments are made for stations to  ring in the Day,  Night  and/or Timed Ring mode. 2.  Audible alerting for an incoming VoIP call is based only on the derived IP Address. 3.  A busy station receives  muted ring  or Call Waiting tones as appropriate  for the  station’s Offhook ring assignment. 4.  The system Ring mode  can be selected manually  or automatically.  In the Automatic mode, Day/Night selection is determined based on the  Automatic Ring Mode  Selection table.  The Attendant has manual control over the Ring mode selection.  5.  The LCD of the Attendant station will display Night and Timed Ring  Mode and the  [DND] button LED will flash. 6.  If a CO/IP line is not assigned to ring at any station, incoming calls on the CO/IP line  will ring the first available Attendant.

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