Sunday, January 31, 2016

Direct Inward Dial trunk

Direct Inward Dial  trunk:  Trunks that  allow  direct  inward dialing  from  the public  network to the Norstar  system. Direct inward system access (DISA):  The  feature  that  allows  remote users to  dial  directly  into  the  Norstar system and use Norstar features. Callers will hear  stuttered dial tone  and will  be required to enter  a  Class of  Service password  to  gain access  to the  system. See Remote  Access. directed  pickup:  See Call  Pickup Directed. Directory number  (DN):  A unique number that is automatically assigned to each telephone or data terminal.  The DN, also  referred to as  an  internal number, is  often used to identify  a telephone when settings are  assigned during programming. Default  DN assignments start  at  221. DISA DN:  The received  number assigned to the  Norstar  direct  inward system access  facility. If a caller dials  a number that  is assigned to the DISA DN, the  caller hears stuttered dial tone  and  must enter a Class of Service password. Once  the password is accepted,  the  caller  hears system  dial tone and can  use  Remote  Access features.  See  Remote  Access. Disconnect Supervision:  A setting that  enables the  Norstar system  to  detect if an external  caller hangs  up.  Once  an external caller hangs up, the  Norstar system can disconnect its line. Disconnect  Supervision  is  enabled under  Trunk/Line  data  in  Lines programming. display:  A liquid crystal display (LCD) on  the telephone that guides you through  feature operation and programming. display button:  Norstar system  twoline  display telephones are  each equipped with  three buttons  located directly beneath  the display.  During feature operation or  programming, some or  all  of these buttons  may be used to provide  further  options. If  an option  is available,  it  is  shown in  the bottom row of the  two-row  display, directly above the  corresponding display button. Display buttons  are represented in this manual as  underlined  capital, such as OK . Distinctive ring:  Lines, telephones, and  hunt group DNs can  be  configured with  a  distinctive  ring that  also determines  the  priority  of a  call. DN:  See Directory  number. Do  Not Disturb:  ≤°fi A feature that  stops calls from  ringing at your telephone. Only Priority Calls will ring at your telephone.  A line button will flash when  you receive a  call, but the call  will  not ring. DTMF:    See  Dual tone  multifrequency. dual  tone multifrequency:   Two distinct telephone  signaling tones  used for dialing. DTI:  See Digital  Trunk Interface. E E&M/DISA Trunk  Cartridge:  The Trunk  Cartridge that allows  you to connect  E&M trunks to the  Norstar system.  The E&M Trunk Cartridge  also allows  DISA  access  to  the  system  by providing DTMF  receivers for autoanswer trunks. Emergency 911 dialing:  The capability to access a public emergency response system by  dialing the  digits 9-1-1. State and local  requirements for support of Emergency 911 Dialing

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