Saturday, January 2, 2016


DETERMINING  WHICH  ADVANCED  FEATURES  ARE NEEDED Now that you  have your basic  ACD Groups  up and  running, you may want to  fine tune their operation. The  chart  below lists the Advanced ACD Features that will help you get the most  out of  your  system. Review each capability  below  and then turn to  the indicated  page if  the feature is something you  need.   Advanced  Features  Guide ACD Capability When  all agents are busy, incoming  calls can route to  other extensions,  ACD  groups  or  Voice  Mail. Set various options  for  ACD Groups. Temporarily log out an  ACD  Agent. See the  status  of  your  ACD Group's  calls at  a glance. Set  up SIE keys  for ACD Groups. Get  one-button  ACD Group  calling and Transfer  as well  as  a  unique  BLF  for  ACD agents. Temporarily busy out your  phone  to  the ACD  Group when  you need to work at your desk. Use a headset for privacy  and convenience, and optionally answer  calls automatically. Analyze system usage and calling patterns.  Overflow  Options  ACD Setup  Options  Off-Duty  Mode Queue Status Display SIE Key  for ACD Groups  Hotline for  ACD  Agents  Wrap-Up  Time  Headset Operation (with Automatic  Answer)  Traffic  Reports

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