Wednesday, December 16, 2015


The IX-EXPML2 Expansion Module is used exclusively when adding a fourth shelf to the system. The IX-EXPML1 Expansion module must be used when adding a second, third, or fifth shelf to the system.
The IX-EXPML2 expansion module adds six universal card slots and 96 universal ports to the ADIX APS system. In IX-EXPML2, the first card slot supports a maximum of 24 ports. The second card slot supports a maximum of 8 ports. The third through sixth card slots each support a maximum of 16 ports. This unit has dedicated space for the IX-PWSL main power supply as well as the IX-DCDCM, IX-RNGUM power supplies. An internally-mounted IX-PWSL power supply is required in the IX-EXPML2 expansion module.

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