Monday, December 21, 2015

Forwarding with Follow Me

Call Forwarding with Follow Me
While at a co-worker’s desk, a user can have Call Forwarding with Follow Me redirect their calls to the co-worker’s extension. This helps an employee who gets detained at a co-worker’s desk longer than expected. To prevent losing important calls, the employee can activate Call Forwarding with Follow Me from the co-worker’s telephone.
Call Forwarding with Follow Me reroutes calls from the destination extension. To reroute calls from the initiating (forwarding) extension, use Call Forwarding.
•Call Forwarding an extension in a Department Group prevents that extension from receiving Department Pilot Calls.
•Multiple Stations can set Call Forward Follow Me to one station.
•Calls to extensions with DND active do not follow Call Forwarding programming. DIL calls ring an idle Department Group member, and then follow PRG 22-08 programming then PRG 22-05

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