Sunday, August 30, 2015


Hands-Free Answer on Intercom (HFAI) 6
When you receive a voice-signaled intercom call, your telephone beeps once to indicate that your speaker has been turned on automatically, and you hear the caller’s voice over your telephone’s speaker. If you leave your microphone on all the time, you can start talking when you hear the caller, without lifting the handset. This feature is called Hands-Free Answer on Intercom.
Any user in the system can make a voice-signaled call to an idle system telephone by pressing i* and then either dialing an extension number or pressing an Auto Dial button
programmed for voice signaling. (You can make a voice-signaled call from either a system telephone or a single-line telephone. However, if you try to make a voice-signaled call to a single- line telephone or an MLC-6 or TransTalk 9000-series telephone, it rings instead.)
You cannot make a voice-signaled call to an extension that has the Cell Phone Connect feature active. (The call will not appear at the extension.)
Consider the following:
■ The HFAI feature can be turned on or off only when your telephone is idle. Muting your voice while you are on a call only turns off the microphone for the duration of the call.
■ If HFAI is on and you are already on a call, you will not receive any voice-signaled calls to your extension—they ring instead.
■ If you make a voice-signaled intercom call to a busy extension, it may result in a Voice Interrupt On Busy call to that extension.

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