Friday, August 14, 2015


• The BBU does not require routine maintenance for normal operation. The life expectancy of the BBU is 3 to 5 years on standby use when used at room temperature.
• Excessive heat decreases battery power and life. Extreme low temperature also decreases battery capacity. Ideal ambient temperature for battery life and capacity is 20°C.
• Battery shelf life is extended in cooler temperatures.
• To order replacement batteries, reference the following part number: 1975044L1 (12 V replacement batteries).
ADTRAN is an environmentally-friendly company. Therefore, we encourage the proper recycling and handling of the batteries. Federal and state laws prohibit the improper disposal of all lead acid batteries. The customer is responsible for the handling of their batteries from the day of purchase through their ultimate disposal. For more information on battery replacement and recycling, reference ADTRAN document number 60000120-36 online at (Enter the document number in the search field to display a link to the document.)

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