Wednesday, August 5, 2015


BRI services and features
• data transmission at speeds up to 128 kbps per loop, depending on the bandwidth supported by your service provider
• shared digital lines for voice and data ISDN terminal equipment
Norstar Basic Rate Interface (BRI) cards also support D-channel packet service between a network and terminal connection. This allows you to add applications such as point- of-sale terminals without additional network connections.
Any analog or digital network connections can be shared by all Norstar telephones, peripherals and applications, and ISDN terminal equipment (TE).
Modular ICS supports the following ISDN services and features offered by ISDN service providers:
• D-channel packet service (BRI only) to support devices such as transaction terminals. Transaction terminals are used to swipe credit or debit cards and transmit the information to a financial institution in data packets.
• calling number identification, which appears on both Norstar sets and ISDN terminal equipment with the capability to show the information
• Multi-Line Hunt or DN Hunting which switches a call to another ISDN line if the line usually used by the Network DN is busy. (BRI only)

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