Thursday, April 28, 2016

B channel (Bearer channel)

B channel (Bearer channel).  An ISDN standard transmission channel used for  voice or  data transmission. Base station:  A hardware component that is  mounted  on walls and ceilings to provide a radio link to  an office or  other area where portable telephones are used. Each base station houses two radios that allow portables to send and receive calls through  the  ICS. Background Music:  A feature that allows you to hear music  from the speaker  of your Norstar  telephone. It  is available  only if a music  source  has been attached to the ICS and the  feature has been enabled  under  Feature settings  in  Sys  prgrmmng. Basic password:  A  one- to six-digit password that prevents unauthorized access to the  most  commonly-used telephone settings. The Basic  password can be assigned  and changed  in Passwords  programming. Basic Rate Interface (BRI):   An ISDN interface  which uses  two B  channels  and a D  channel (2B+D). Bearer  channel:  See  B  channel. Business series terminals  These terminals were developed to replace the Norstar M-series  terminals.  Therefore, their functionality closely parallels the M-series  terminals. button caps:  Interchangeable plastic caps  that  fit over  the buttons of  legacy Norstar M-series  telephones. They  are used  to indicate the  features programmed onto each programmable memory button.  Button caps  are either pre-printed or  have  clear  windows that allow you to insert  labels. Button Inquiry:  ≤•‚ With  this  feature  you  can check  the function of each programmable button on your system  telephone. C Call Duration  timer:  ≤‡‡ A feature that allows  you to see  how long you  spent on your last call, or how long you  have been on your present call. Call  Forward:  ≤› A feature that  forwards  all the calls arriving  at your telephone to another telephone in your Norstar  system.  To have calls forwarded  outside the system, use Line  Redirection. Call Forward  No Answer:  A feature that forwards all  calls  arriving at  your telephone to another  designated telephone in your  Norstar system  after a specific number of  rings.  Call  Forward No  Answer  is  assigned under Capabilities  in  Terminals&Sets programming. Call Forward  On Busy:  A feature that forwards all calls at your telephone to another designated telephone if your telephone is  busy. This feature  is assigned under  Capabilities  in Terminals&Sets  programming. Call Forward  Override:  An automatic  system  feature that  allows you to call someone and ask them to stop forwarding their calls to you. Call  Information:   ≤°⁄⁄ Call  Information  allows you to display information about incoming  calls. For external calls, you can display the  caller name, telephone number and  the line name.  For an internal call, you  can display the  name  of  the caller  and the internal number. You can  obtain information about  r

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