Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Incoming Ring Tone

Incoming Ring Tone  to set the incoming ring tones, which are the tones a user hears when a call rings an extension. These tones are grouped into four ring tone  Ranges  (1 ~ 4), also called patterns, that consist of a combination of frequencies. (You assign a specific  Range  to trunks in Program 22-03 and to extensions in Program 15-02.) Within each range there are three frequency Types  : High, Middle and Low. (Service Code  720  allows users to choose the  Type  for their incoming calls.) Each  Type  in turn consists of two frequencies and the modulation played simultaneously to make up the tone. These frequencies are determined by their Frequency Number selected in Items 1 and 2 (see below). In this program, you assign the two  Frequency Numbers  and  Modulation  for each Type, for each of the four  Ranges. The chart below shows the default  Frequency Numbers  for each Type  in each  Range.

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