Friday, June 26, 2015

Navigation and Buttons

Navigation and Buttons
While in the Program mode, the [Volume Up/Down] can be used for navigation through the PGM sections. Other buttons on the DKT also provide special functions during Admin Programming. The BACK softkey or [CONF] button, if assigned, move back one-step in the process. The DELETE softkey or the [SPEED] button deletes the current entry. The SAVE softkey or the [Hold/Save] button store an entry to the system database. A value must be saved with the SAVE softkey or [Hold/Save] button prior to moving to another parameter.
2.2.3 Entering and Saving Data
In most cases, after selecting a PGM, a specific parameter is selected using a Flexible button and a value entered with the dial pad. When a value is saved, the system will verify the value is in range and does not conflict with other parameter settings. If the data value is valid,

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